by Naty Tea

Saturday and Sunday Pop-Up. 

So much prep work for the first solo Haus pop-up event !!


TO START: What to even consider? 


Imagine: You are given a space and are allowed to transform in any way to fit your needs. 

You alone (or if you are lucky, have someone willing to help with the dirty work) have to transport everything there and set up on the morning of the event to house your brand for the next two days. 


With these contingencies, what direction would you chose to go in, and why?


I found that my principal driving factors included :

1) Aligning with my brand’s aesthetic

2) My ethics 

3) My budget


As for 4) my time, well, you make time.


First. Regarding point number one, this is pretty straight-forward regarding its significance. The core aesthetic should be manifested at many levels, like fractal repetition. 


Second: Awareness for material use throughout the show and post-show weighed in heaviest on my choice. 

A display with short-term utility, i.e., one without much ability to repurpose post-show, would have involved a small chunk of time commitment (likely doable through online shopping). But finished displays quickly get expensive and are limiting because everything is pre-made and pre-determined for you. 

SO, the option I decided to go with was the dykey, Home-Depot route. 

Find the lumber, do the math, cut it up, and transport it up into your NY apartment (the headache!) for further staining and construction. ;p

I fell in love with the stain I used to build my heavy-duty leather hanging rack, so it was tempting to work towards that woody look again and stain everything in that color. 

[Side note: If you haven’t caught on already, transform your life by spray-painting everything gold -- very addicting). 


Initially I planned for vertical standing shelves, to stand alongside the forgotten stripper pole (!?) in the center of the room. 


And yes, this also relates to the 2) My ethics point.


Carl Jung emphasizes the importance of embracing of one’s Shadow.

The Shadow is an archetype that represents the repressed side of oneself that the ego denies, what we hide from ourselves.

Snakes are often a symbol for the shadow, and a strong test of courage involves realization of one’s shadow. Embracing it helps with creativity, and both Jung and , J.L.Moreno, founder of Psychodrama can talk about the importance of creativity & spontaneity for a healthy mind.

Disengaging in culturally shunned/stigmatized thoughts and activities because of an outdated (likely old man's) established agenda doesn’t lead you to finding yourself or what makes you happy. So there is importance in finding your shadow and pursuing what makes you curious { always for the better good }. 


Back to the stripper pole..this is an explicit depiction of a symbol that relates to the concept of the unconscious shadow archetype. The pole can produce associated 'arousal' of repressed emotions, or for others, an entry into the edgy side, which some may deny, and others welcome. 

Those that have not conquered their shadow sufficiently to be in a room with a stripper pole may feel uncomfortable, fenced in by social stigma. This would be a great exercise to help one rid themselves of social norms and stereotypes in an environment where the pole's common use is redefined and becomes merely (well, for the most part) an object for decoration.

So I decided the stripper pole was staying, and I was going to build shelves to go alongside it. 



As I was constructing, I realized horizontal positioning did look cute. Seeing it as such opened me to the idea of a more standard and interactive space, which is important for a pop-up. The 2-night sleepless issue: VERTICAL, standing parallel to the poles, OR HORIZONTAL???!!!!!!?!! Neurotic questions eating me up. 




Horizontal. Walking into the space that day left no questions. 




Sunday morning: So much unloading, prep, and working in a way to ensure my makeup was still intact after 3 hrs of setup.

Wish the previous show's artist @DavidCraigEllis had left his witch painting up. 

 No worries, in the back of the gallery, existed quite the piece. 


Painted by @Ibrahim

EMAIL us for prints

This had to go in the entrance, anything with D.T. and F should always go hand in hand and be displayed. 



Once things were set up, the rest was history. Two days of chilling, beautiful people, and wonderful souls. 




World Money Gallery x Haus of Jung Collab. 

"ANIMA" on cap. Leather, gold metallic goat cutout. 

Anima:  Female aspect present in collective unconscious of men. “Woman from within”. Associated with life force/deep emotion. Men can embrace their anima, by seeing this force as his inspiration.  




Dog Leash, Veg-tan and chrome-tan leather on I/S of handle   ||   Large Leather Veg-tan Planter







Belt/Bracelet Customizing Station 




Photo @GloriaV421





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