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Oiltan Leather Belt

BELT: Caramel Oiltan, 1.5"

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This belt is of special character. Made of a unique oiltan cowhide leather, this article is able to embrace the velvet-soft wall of oiltan leather against the feel of a solid thickness (4mm) of your everyday, go-to belt. The ultra classic caramel color adds a refined, slightly edgy atmosphere to any look. And this one is nice to your body, as it will not cut into your waist/hips rigidly like most you've likely experienced.


100% Leather 

    |  8-10oz Cowhide

     * Please note, some variations and marks will exist in the leather due to the nature of the material.


100% Metal Hardware

    |   1.5" Nickel Buckle

    |   Solid Nickel Rivets



    |   A) Sizing Chart (measure from where the leather turns on your belt buckle to the hole you use most on an old belt); see last photo.  

            S (30"-32.5") 

            M (33"-35.5")      

            L (35" - 37.5")

            XL (37" - 39.5") 

            XXL (51" - 53.5", double wrap)

    |   B) Extra holes can be added at no charge. Please email before/after you've placed your order. 

    |   C) Custom Order, please email for custom sizing at