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BAG | Ouroboros Hand Stitched Purse/Crossbody

BAG | Ouroboros Hand Stitched Purse/Crossbody

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100% Leather



    |  Croco Embossed Dark Gray Leather bodt

    |  Italian Lavender Cowhide accents/tabs

    |  Dark Purple 1mm waxy cord

    |  Croco Embossed Dark Gray Strap (included)


100% Metal Hardware

    |  Solid Brass buckles

    |  Solid Brass Rivets and D-rings


Bag Measures 8" height x 7 to 5.5 width" x 3.5" depth


Strap included, measures 30" in total length, including buckles.


Typically please allow 2-3 weeks for construction



  Colors are customizable upon request, please email