Each item is individually handmade by Natalia, so TURN-AROUND TIME CAN TAKE UP TO ABOUT 2 MONTHS DEPENDING ON ITEM/IF ITS IN STOCK. Please email hausofjung@gmail.com to check what is ready to ship.

Journal: Custom Order SS17 Backpack

Meet Emily, the co-creator of her new backpack, inspired by the SS17 release of the SS17 Gloria Convertible Backpack .
> Name: Emily
Your Haus accessory: Black leather backpack - blue & gold leather interior. LINK
> What's it for/how does it fit your lifestyle? Just big enough to fit my laptop, so I can work on my global health and women's empowerment projects on-the-go. 
> Your favorite mantra? You can do it all, just not all at once.
> Most life-changing/mind-blowing sentence? "We're going somewhere you've never been before..." It's something my father said to me from a young age, that has since entrained this lust for adventure and exploration.  
> If you met your shadow, what happened? I haven't met my shadow, but I think she would remind me that where there is darkness, there is light.
> What celebrity would best represent your shadow? A combination of Tanit, the Phoenician moon goddess and Ishtar, Mesopotamian goddess of love, including that between human and animals, its power and its danger.
> Who is your current cult(ish) obsession? Abstract expressionism, moonrises, anything celestial. 
> What color crayon are you and why? Green - nature's color
> What is your background? British & Greek
> What do you believe in? Setting positive intentions, and hard work.
> If you could change one law, what would it be? Any and every law that stands between me and the one(s) I love.