Haus of Jung handmade leather accessories provides a unique one-on-one platform for clients to create their ideal custom leather accessory with Natalia.
High quality leather, solid metal hardware, and a lifelong repair warranty.
All products are made by hand in the ateliér cottage in Richmond, Virginia.


Cater to the needs of not only your practical, day-to-day life, but also to the needs of Psyche, manifested onto the material realm. Let your new accessory open doors for your personal exploration and evolution. Or, create a uniquely meaningful accessory for your loved one.

My name is Natalia, I am your designer and maker. I will work alongside your fantasy to create your perfect custom accessory. 

From stitch color to symbol embossing or starting from a brand new raw idea, I am happy to discuss the psychological underpinnings of your needs and how we can offer your solutions.

Please contact me at for any customizing questions. Stay safe, much love for your support.

All hand-made at the Haus ateliér cottage in Richmond, Virginia.



Q1: What can you customize?

A1: I offer 3 tiers of customization.

    COLOR First, I can alter any color (leather, stitching, etc) or metal material (from brass to nickel) of existing products. Charges generally do not apply, except if the customization chosen involves materials at different cost. Please see color options at the top of this page.

    EMBOSSING Secondly, I do offer the option to emboss most products with a variety of symbols (letters, numbers, some icons *heart* or *star*). Alternatively, if you would like your own, customized brand logo on an order, this can also be achieved.

    NEW DESIGN We can co-design an item from scratch. Handbags, belts, travel bags, bike accessories, wallets, cuffs, backpacks, eye-patches, watch straps, hard-drive cases, harnesses, home goods, cigar boxes: the list is endless!


Q2: How much will a project cost?

A2: Pricing is determined by complexity and material use. Minimums typically start at $40.

     COLOR If you would like to customize the color of a small item (e.g., bookmark), there likely will be no charge (assuming the same style of leather). Other items may have associated charges to customize.

     EMBOSSING If you would like to include specific symbols, there will be a small fee. Any item that is embossed with your custom symbols is non-returnable.

     NEW DESIGN Please be in touch for more details.


Q3: How long will it take?

A3: Completion date for custom orders may take from 2 days (for very small items with little customization) to about 4 months, depending on complexity.


Haus of Jung offers a free 60-minute consultation via phone or Zoom.


Please do not hesitate to reach me, Natalia, at: