Each item is individually handmade by Natalia, so TURN-AROUND TIME CAN TAKE UP TO ABOUT 2 MONTHS DEPENDING ON ITEM/IF ITS IN STOCK. Please email hausofjung@gmail.com to check what is ready to ship.



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Perfect for tattooers, makers, crafters, etc. The center leg split makes for a very comfortable apron for daily use AND each split remains strapped to the legs through ties. You won't even notice you have this on while doing all sorts of activities.

Straps crossing in the back prevent the item from being supported by the neck, relieving the user from any back pain and discomfort.

Made with heavyweight denim, leather, and solid brass.

Photos pictured are size '1'. Size '2' is for a much more built/taller individual.

Fully customizable from color to pockets, etc. 


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