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KINK, Collars

KINK, Collars

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Recommended: for pets, use flat rivets or flat studs so they don't hurt their lil' paw beans.

* This choker is more decorative, not functional with a leash. Comfortable and soft if you'd like a 'leave-on' collar with your pet's number/address, and another form of collar/harness is used for walking them. If you're looking for one you can tug, please view the BUCKLE COLLAR.


100% leather outside & lining. A soft, pebbled leather is used for the outside and lining supported by a center stay, then stitched and edge painted together, so you can wear the choker with comfort (unlike the typical patent-leather chokers that cut into the neck and are pretty unwearable). The back sizing tab is also reinforced with a stay, so that the holes are guaranteed to maintain their shape over time. 

100% Solid Metal Hardware



    |   Pin-head closure. Choker is adjustable from 13.25" to 13.75".  Main body from pin-to-pin is 10.5". Removable back tab measuring 3.5" will be sent. 

    |   Buckle closure: customize length, width, color, buckle option.


Please allow about 2 months for construction from order date.