Each item is individually handmade by Natalia, so TURN-AROUND TIME CAN TAKE UP TO ABOUT 2 MONTHS DEPENDING ON ITEM/IF ITS IN STOCK. Please email hausofjung@gmail.com to check what is ready to ship.

HARNESS, 3-Point Asymmetrical Holster Harness

HARNESS, 3-Point Asymmetrical Holster Harness

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This  3-point asymmetrical holster harness is for those looking to cheat the boundaries of kinkwear, excused by a highly functional design. The two solid brass clips on the side allow you to attach any bag, it is interchangeable with any item in this store. The cross-torso strap clips on and off for easy use, and keeps your harness locked in. Great for festivals or travel as your bag stays safely locked to the body, or merely for an enhanced aesthetic.


100% Leather

      | The black embossed croco leather is a hardy cowhide, it is quite rigid to withstand weight from any bag, and is lined with a glovey pebbled cowhide (you can see it coming through on the turned edges around the O-rings), so it's gentle against the skin.


100% Brass Hardware

    |   Solid brass O-rings

    |   Solid brass pin screws allow for adjustability

    |   Solid brass clips that can attach to anything (here you can see it is attached to the item called "Phone Pocket" or "Satchel"). 



This harness is extremely adjustable on the cross-torso strap as well as the shoulder strap. The straps hooking to the bag are also adjustable, but less so. These 'side clips' are shorter in 'Size 1', that is the only length difference between the two sizes.  You can play with shoulder length and cross-torso lengths to position the harness higher or lower. 

The harness with 3/4"-wide straps is for a slightly more petite figure, as the 'side clip' straps are also a little shorter.

The harness with 1"-wide straps is for a more solid and pronounced look, preferred by taller individuals, and will allow the bag to hang lower (model in photos is wearing this one). 

If you need a custom size please contact HausofJung@gmail.com.

Size 1

(3/4" wide straps)

Size 2

(1" wide straps - as in photos)

Shoulder (from ring to ring)

14" - 22.5" 
14" - 22.5"
(from ring to clip)
16.5 - 27" 
(+ 2" from buckle)
(+ 2" from buckle)
Side Bag Clips 8.75" - 12.5"
(+ 2" from buckle)
10.5"- 15.5" (+ 2" from buckle)








Please allow about 2 months for construction from order date.