Each item is individually handmade by Natalia, so TURN-AROUND TIME CAN TAKE UP TO ABOUT 2 MONTHS DEPENDING ON ITEM/IF ITS IN STOCK. Please email hausofjung@gmail.com to check what is ready to ship.



Q: Why Leather?

Most leather produced is a waste-product resulting from farm-raised food animals. In order to reduce waste produced, tanneries transform animal hides into useable leather. If this 'waste' product was not used, it would be burned or buried, resulting in millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases produced yearly.

Leather is breathable, durable, malleable, comfortable, aesthetic, and generally better fit to adjust to our needs, as it can be 'broken into'.

BUT IM VEGAN: We're happy to handmake accessories out of selvedge denim, other natural elements such as tanned leaves, or other materials you suggest/provide.

BUT THERES PLASTIC: Producing plastic is all around much more energy and resource-consuming. A hide is a material already in existence, with much fewer steps to reach its final stage. Furthermore, centuries of its existence allows for decomposition, while plastic persists. Ironically, plastic does not maintain its aesthetic over its lifetime as leather does. 


Q: How about Exotics?

Exotic Leather: Animals grown solely for the purpose of their hides.

Haus of Jung only works with animals that are a by-product of the meat industry. This means, the Haus does NOT work with exotics (croco/snake/large cats/etc, or furs).