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Q: Why Leather?

Most leather produced is a by-product of farm-raised food animals. In order to reduce waste produced, tanneries transform animal hides into useable leather.

Leather is breathable, durable, malleable, comfortable, aesthetic, and debatably generally better fit to adjust to our needs. There is something special about using what nature provides to truly fulfill our wild human essence.


Q: How about Exotics?

Exotic Leather: Animals grown solely for the purpose of their hides.

We work only with some exotics such as Teju Lizard or a genetic mix of Goat/Sheep, for example. 

We do not work with snake. Eel is available upon request. Croc/Alligator can be considered.

We do not work with large exotic mammals such as Elephants/Rhino/etc. No Chinchilla. 

Fur products are NOT advertised publicly online as we don't support high volume sales for such animals.